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The Succession or Exit plan goes beyond your basic business planning. It sets the stage and executes your eventual successful exit or transition from your business, all while creating the lifestyle you envision. At IRUS, we work with you and your team to provide the most comprehensive and personalized approach to achieving your visions for your business transition and future plans. Assessing your readiness and the true business value is key to our process. We continually monitor the process and manage it through to completion both for you and your key people, as we help seek a successful transition for everyone involved.

Growth Planning Index

Business Exit Readiness Index (BERI) Report. This assessment focuses on your personal and business planning as a first step towards measuring your readiness for a transition out of your business.

We look to calibrate where you currently stand as an owner looking to transition the company in the future. It is an early tool to introduce some of the exit options that may be most applicable to you, given your "readiness" for an exit. Then we can take the information to prepare a more complex discussion in order to build a customized solution for your personal and business needs.

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Business Exit Readiness Index

Owner Dependence Index (ODI) Report. The first step toward creating a transferable business is measuring and managing your level of involvement in running your business. This short assessment will describe your involvement with your business as a step towards measuring your business’s transferability. Measuring and managing an owner’s direct involvement in the business is a critical first step toward Creating a Transferable Business

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Owner Dependence Index

Growth Planning Index™ (GPI™) Report. This will examine your business growth planning as a first step towards measuring your overall desire and steps that you have taken to grow the value of your business. We use the terms "Commitment Level" and "Equity / Destination Planning" to calibrate where you currently stand as an owner looking to grow the company in the future.

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