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At IRUS, we define our role as advocates on behalf of businesses and families who require highly specialized financial and advisory services. Our goal is to help them maximize value and minimize risk for their assets and all other related facets of our clients' lives. IRUS specializes in developing and managing personalized plans to help each client achieve their financial vision and security. We offer a unique approach to help align your needs, resources values and personal philosophies. The result is a tailored strategy to smoothly transition between your different life stages.

At IRUS, trust and accountability are at the forefront of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we build with each client and our ability to listen and understand the specialized intricacies and needs of high net worth individuals and their families. Our approach establishes the best and most comfortable strategies to manage investments and other personal matters.

Chip Seignious

Whatever your goals, we can
help you get there

IRUS offers comprehensive personalized wealth management for you, your family and your business. Each client benefits from the strategic relationships we have with nationally recognized law firms, accounting firms, and product providers. All come together to provide the most productive and secure strategies for preserving and enhancing your personal goals for financial security and freedom.